Cruel Asian Girl Humiliates Sweaty Foot-Sucking loser

This mean Asian Girl is the perfect Domme to laugh at a loser-slave. She makes him remove Her ugg boots and orders him to sniff Her sweaty socked foot. Then She barks at him to open up so She can shove Her foot in there for him to suck the sweat off of. Humiliating…and hot! Produced by

Stinky Sock Worshiping In Mean Girl’s Hotel Suite

This Girl is a self-admitted bad Bitch who is notorious for treating men like sh*t. She even bosses around Her boyfriend. In this clip She allows Her pathetic slave to remove Her shoes so he can sniff & lick Her sweaty, dirty socks. She doesn’t seem to want his mouth anywhere near Her barefeet, which is hot because She’s totally depriving and denying him…

Snob Makes slave Worship Her Feet After Workout

This gorgeous, blonde Snob Whitney has a slave over to remove Her sneakers & smell & massage Her feet. She had been wearing sweaty, stinky white ankle socks & sneakers all day before, during & after Her tennis workout. Clip can be found on +