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Miss Poison Ivy – the new, hot and super-snobby Asian Girl makes these pathetic slaves worship Her feet in public. Great video! A guy calls out to Her & She tells the guy that they’re shooting foot-lovers and he laughs. Then She makes sure to spit on the guys as they’re worshiping Her dirty and sweaty bare feet. One of the losers asks Her nicely at the end if he can have one more loogie in his face so She lets him have it. It was probably the best money these bitches ever spent on any Girl. Another public humiliation and dirty foot worship clip by

Bratty Femme-Domme’s Spit Humiliation: 43 Loogies Right At Her footslave

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Goddess Alyssa’s sister Ariana made this homemade extreme-degradation video for all you who love to see a Brat getting Her dirty barefeet cleaned & a relentless spit attack on an old loser guy who’s unbelievably paying for this treatment! Available for purchase at